LGA 1155 or LGA 1156

Should i use LGA 1155 for 2nd and 3rd gen intel or should i go for LGA 1156 for 1 st gen intel prosesors and where should i get the motherboard second hand or of brand new. I have also seen a lot of boards made by brands i have nether come across should buy those boards. Thanks
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  1. Well both of them are pretty much obsolete. So if you buy one, it will have to be 2nd hand
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    If you are going for older tech, go for the 1155 socket and 3rd gen CPU for best stock performance. If you are planning to overclock, get the 2nd gen as Intel was still soldering the IHS in those and so they OC better.

    As for what to get, ASUS and ASRock are the brands I recommend. If you want to OC get the Z77 chipset and check the manufacturers website for a CPU compatibility list to confirm it supports the CPU you buy.

    At this point, eBay is probably your best bet for these parts.
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