Heatsink stuck to cpu, but cpu out of motherboard

So I got a new cpu cooler to replace the stock cooler for my amd fx-8320. When I took the old cooler out the cpu popped out as well. Apparently the release lever had gotten stuck to the cooler when I first installed it. Luckily nothing on the cpu or motherboard seemed damaged. Since then I have tried heating with a hair dryer, lightly twisting, dental floss, fishing line, and applying isopropyl alcohol to the side. The only thing that has gone positively is that I got the fishing line slightly into the corner, but no further even with the line coated with isopropyl alcohol. I'm kinda out of ideas here and would appreciate any suggestions. Here is a couple of pictures on case it helps: http://
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  1. acetone or MEK will work better to soften the old thermal paste, but it's going to take patience - you might try using a single edge razor blade to go in slightly from a corner after softening with multiple applications of one of the solvents, then letting the razor blade serve to wedge the two items apart, apply more of the solvent - you should get the idea. I've worked on a number of items, including frozen truck axles, that took 2 weeks to separate from their hubs, your problem is minor, just patience and repeated applications of the solvent
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