just got an i7 8700k windows install?

Ok so I just got my new MOBO and i7 8700k and just heard the news of the bug today almost right after my delivery it’s so messed up if I would have known I would have used ryzen and become a newcomer to amd but I just want to know if I install windows 10 today will the new bug patch be applied when it does it’s hours of automatic updates bc I have another HD with windows on it. So of course my plan is to not install the patch if I don’t have too till I know more about what’s going on I know this just happend today but it just so happens that if that patch is already applied to when I do my fresh windows install then I will have to use my new Samsung pro for something else and not format this SATA SSD like I was planning. Plz if anyone knows and thank you very much for any info.
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    Well if there is a patch it wont be till next week / or whenever patch Tuesday is. I wouldnt worry about it

    I wouldnt install a hdd with Windows on it . It'll crash on you sooner or later

    Do a clean install
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  2. Thanks actually I sold some of my parts to get this one to a friend so he got my other M.2 with windows on it so I damn near gave him my new M.2 so I could keep my previous install of win10 but I was worried that bc of them knowing about this since sometime in November that maybe today may be the day bc they keep saying they are already rolling out patches so I wasn’t sure if rolling out patches meant for the general public or testing have you heard that but yeah if ya don’t think it’s out yet then tonight I’ll do a fresh install on my new M.2. Oh I see patch Tuesday I never knew about patch Tuesday haha thanks man.
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  3. Patch Tue is every 2nd week of every month I think. So the next one is next Tue for you if you're in the US

    Next Wed for me since I'm in NZ

    Altho with Win10, it can get updated 3-4 times a month ! Not just on Patch Tuesdays

    Must have taken their time finding out, about this Intel prob.

    I've been running the CPU in this since 2014 when I built it. I doubt it'll slow down just because someone said there's a flaw 4 yrs later
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