Underclocked GPU and now I get horrible stuttering/fps drops in all of my games

I have an R9 380 and I noticed some weird textures in GTA V (Looked like stretched out/warped textures) and I looked up a solution and it told me to underclock my GPU so I lowered the slider for my GPU clock speed and memory clock speed by like 5% and I started to get FPS drops and stuttering like crazy 60 FPS to 60-15 FPS in GTA V and it varies (also 400-500 to 60-150 FPS in CSGO) and it feels so choppy its almost unplayable so I reset my GPU and memory clock speeds to default and the problem persists. Pls help :(

EDIT: The FPS drops/stuttering only happen when I move my mouse (in CSGO at least) and I can move around normally at 200+ FPS
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