Sacrifice GPU for CPU Power?

So here's the rundown

AMD FX 8350 + GTX 1050
AMD FX 6300 + GTX 1050 TI

Is it worth it to give up some GPU power as a means to a CPU that might hold up for a few more years and possible future video card upgrades, or is the difference in CPU not worth the sacrifice?
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  1. Between the two I'd go with the 6300/1050 ti however if you can avoid AMD FX, Ryzen or even budget (HT Pentium) Skylake/Kabylake is much better.
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  2. Buy for the present, not the future.

    Which ever combination lets you play the games at the settings and resolution you want now is the combination you want.

    Having said that a gpu upgrade is much easier to do than a cpu upgrade, so I would buy the best cpu I could then spend the rest on the gpu so that I wouldn't have to replace a cpu as often.
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  3. Defiantly avoid the FX line of CPU's.

    Like said above Ryzen or HT Pentium.
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