Replacing hdd drive that is in RAID 1

Hello, I'm wondering if in setup (2x 2TB hdd in RAID 1) In case both drives get full, if its possible to replace just 1 drive with another of the same type, format the other one and set raid 1 again ?

If yes, will the date on the drive that I will be replacing (which will now serve as backup drive) be 1:1 exact copy of the original files and will be accesible outside of RAID 1 ? In other words if I connect it to any PC will I be able to access the data on it without using any 3rd party programs ?

I forgot to mention that it is a NAS array (WD MyCloud) so there is no OS on then, just data files.
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  1. You obviously have no concept of what a NAS is. A NAS is a computer in itself, usually running Linux as it's operating system. There is an operating system installed on the drives, otherwise, the NAS wouldn't function. If you don't believe me, try putting two blank drives in there and see what happens. The OS is just installed in a partition that is hidden from you so the end user doesn't do something to mess up the NAS and make it stop functioning.

    Regardless of this, you can likely install larger drives one at a time and allow the NAS to rebuild onto the larger drives. Then you can probably expand the storage to take advantage of the extra space afterward.

    Though, I've never actually tried this on a My Cloud since I only run Synology NASs.
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