AMD vs INTEL What should I choose?

Hi, I'm a student, who recently just got into PC's world escaping from the console world. I am currently saving up and almost saved up enough to build my first gaming PC. As I was doing research and gathering information about different parts, I stumbled across the CPU. At first, I decided that I wanted to make an Intel based build, and put intel optane to save some money. But as I watched more and more YouTube videos, I realized that I could also go for an AMD based build. The CPU that I originally wanted to get was the I5 7600k with a MSI MORTAR ARTIC motherboard. But should I go for AMD? And which AMD should I choose alongside with Motherboard? Would the MSI MORTAR ARTIC also work for AMD? And my final question is if I can put intel optane memory on AMD builds (I think the answer is no, but I'm just checking). Thank's for your help :)
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  1. Ryzen 1600 with B350 motherboard (could be MSI B350M Mortar) would be equivalent on AMD side. And no, you can't use Optane on AMD setup. Not that it matters, using Optane sucks anyway for home use. Also you can't use board devised for Intel CPU for AMD CPU and vice versa.
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    intel optane memory as Cache only works with Intel mostly 7th Series CPU's and for the common consumer isn't that big of a deal. Now as for Intel vs AMD it depends on what your focus is.

    Gaming for highest possible FPS= Intel for now lets see how that new Security bug fix works out
    Gaming/Streaming and Work station on a budget= AMD

    If you go AMD and Ryzen 7 series CPU's consider a X370 board over a B350, this will give you better VRM's and higher more stable Overclocks as well as less VRM temps and higher frequency RAM support.

    If your going with a Ryzen 5 a B350 is fine just be real carfull with the RAM you pick preferable 3200mhz on Ryzen for the best performance per dollar spent.

    Intel on a Budget the i5 8400 is hard to ignore it does everything really well but sacrificed overclocking.

    I5 7600k is also on LGA1151-1.. which is now a dead and only a 4C/4T CPU. Software and games thanks to AMD are quickly moving past that.
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