X99 SLI Boot/Flicker issues

Hi all. I am a fairly experienced PC builder and I have an issue with my daily rig.

Was fine yesterday but when I turned it on today I got a blue screen with no error message and it would just power cycle. At this point I could load into Bios fine but the screen would turn on and off every second or two. I first thought it may be an SLI issue so I removed one of my 1070s but it didn’t fix the flickering, I tried the other 1070 and still the same result. At this point Windows would sometimes boot ok and sometimes boot with an instant error with ‘0xc00000e’ required device missing error.

I managed to get rid of the flicker temporarily by removing the CMOS and I also updated the bios whilst I had access to the Bios temporarily. I tried to boot into windows but now my SSD was not bootable... I then booted into a Windows 10 repair usb and used bootrec / commands to try and fix the boot partition but still no luck. (Still no flicker). So I decided I would try and reinstall Windows
If when I reinserted both GPUs there was no flicker... and it came straight back.

From this so far I have determined it isn’t either of the GPUs? Since flickering occurred using either or both

I have run the Asus mem ok and I didn’t get any memory issues back so I’m assuming Ram is ok

Currently I’m trying to work out how to resolve this - I’m guessing it’s a mobo/cpu issue?

(My files aren’t an issue I don’t have anything I need saved on the PC all backed up to a server)

My build:
I7 6850k
Asus x99 Deluxe ii
32gb Corsair LPX 2400Mhz
2x GTX 1070 Founders cards
Samsung 960 Evo m.2
2TB Toshiba HDD
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  1. How about power? Did you check any of the voltages either in BIOS or externally with a multimeter? Could be under/over volting that the GPU VRMs can't cope with. Give a good visual inspection of the ATX and EPS power connectors as well (PCIe power via the slot comes from there)
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