2 Desktop 1 gpu ?

Hi I have 2 desktop and I have 1 you k want to use it when I use each one of, but there isn't some external.adapter? Because I would have to install it every time I use one
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  1. Nope, the only way to use it in both machines is to physically move GPU to each machine every time you change it.
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  2. You could use an external GPU enclosure to switch between them.

    ASUS ROG-XG-STATION-2 2 Thunderbolt 3


    It requires a thunderbolt 3 connection on both desktops.
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  3. Much more elegant is just buying another graphics card due to the price of the gpu enclosure, $550.
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  4. But I can't buy that cost 500usd with that I could buy the other GPU, there isn't other way ?
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  5. No.
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  6. There is no easy cheap way to do it.

    The solution you think you want is called VDI, virtual desktop interface.

    Doing so requires highly specific knowledge and $1800 - $3000 in software to do so.

    Namely, something similar to VMware Horizon or Mirage




    But even this makes little sense with just 2 computers.
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  7. I don't want a software I want to move my GPU but not open it the PC every time I move, but I don't want to buy 500usd so I think I will have to do it
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  8. Realize that constantly moving the GPU over and over again substantially increases the odds of damage.
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  9. The only real solution is to buy another graphics card unless you want to risk damage to the card every time you move it.

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
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