Struggle with getting motherboard into place

So as the title follows, I am struggling with getting my asus z270-e Gaming motherboard into place. I aim it into the I/O shield and put it like you should, all the USBs and stuff sticks out nice and looks good, but all the holes where you put screws isn't all 100% visible. Without the I/O shield it was no problem at all, but I've tried really pushing it into the shield but some part of the holes doesn't show. I'm getting crazy over this because then I can't get the screws all the way through the mobo to the chassi. Help
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    First make sure the IO shield is popped in to place.

    Then put a screw in the rear furthest from the IO shield. Then go around your motherboard first to the front (again far the io sheild) and then behind the ram. Using the screws for leverage will pull the motherboard in to place for you.
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