16gb 2133mhz ram or 8gb 3000mhz ram ryzen

I have found some good deal on ram, especially with ram prices being so high. I can get 8gb ddr4 3000mhz for £70 or 2133mhz 16gb for £80. Also, the 2133mhz ram is integral IN4T16GNCLPX which I believe isn't listed here

(I think that is the list of supported ram for my motherboard asrock ab350m).

So which is the better buy, since ryzen does get a great performance boost from faster ram but then again 16gb is much more than 8gb, and if I am looking in the right place may not even be supported by my motherboard.

Thank you
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    go for the faster 8 gb, still enough for most situations unless you do something like video editing. Ryzen loves faster ram and 2133 is just too slow. Or put it this way, you may encounter more bottleneck with 2133 rather than 8 gb.
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  2. Agree with vapour, if this is supposed to be gaming rig, go for 8 Gb of faster RAM.
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  3. I vote for the 16gb option.

    1. Ryzen is picky on ram. Buy a ram kit that is either on the motherboard QVL list or is explicitly supported by the ram vendor for your motherboard.
    Check the ram vendor ram selection app.

    2. For purely gaming, 8gb is sufficient. But the presence of many threads on ryzen will encourage you to multitask.
    For that, you need sufficient ram to hold the working sets of all that you do. More ram is better and I would go with the 16gb option.
    Moreover, windows will keep code in ram in anticipation of fast reuse; more is better.

    3. If you go with 8gb initially, do not plan on adding 8gb in the future. Ram must be matched, that is why it is supported only in matched kits.
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  4. Ok, thanks guys for the replies. I'm going to probably go with the 8gb, since it is supported on the motherboard site (unlike the 16gb) and it is mainly going to be a gaming rig but I'll still look around to see if there is any faster 16gb that is supported that I stretch to get.
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