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After my first build I noticed my gpu heat is a bit high... so I have a i7-6700(non K) 16GB Corsair RGB and a NVIDIA 1070. I noticed my gpu(when playing games such as PubG, arma 3, sometimes overwatch) is a little high when playing it’s 80-85 degrees celcius. I have 4 case fans(the case I have is an NZXT s340 elite) what can I do to lower its temp?
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  1. download MSI afterburner and create custom fan curves. modern gpu only let fan run after it reaches certain high temp.
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  2. Graphics cards target a given temperature and perform as best as they can at that temperature.
    80c. is a common target. I would not worry.
    Graphics cards do generate heat, but they are built to tolerate heat.
    Yes, you can increase the fan rpm to lower the temperature, and perhaps improve performance.
    But, you do so at the expense of more noise.

    Your case is a good one.
    For fans, concentrate on front intake.
    The case can accommodate two front 120/140mm intakes.
    If you can, use two 140mm fans, they move more air at a given noise level than 120mm fans.

    Do not worry about exhaust; all the air that comes in the front will exit SOMEWHERE taking cpu and gpu heat with it.
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