PC crashed with loud buzzing sound - no longer displaying on monitor

Hi everyone.

I've been having an issue with my computer lately as it recently crashed with a loud, electronic buzzing noise coming from the tower as I was playing videogames.

After trying to turn it back on, the PC seems to turn on fine but nothing displays on the monitor. I have tried a few different cables but none display, so I think it has to be something with the PC itself.

I've been looking around a bit for what could be wrong and I seem to find conflicting opinions of whether the graphics card or drivers could have malfunctioned and am not sure what to do next.

If anybody could explain what may have happened and what I might need to replace to fix it I'd very grateful.
My thanks in advance.
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  1. System specs?
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  2. jankerson said:
    System specs?

    Unfortuneately I may not be able to respond with the exact system specs as the PC itself was a custom build ordered from Ebay over three years ago, so I cannot check purchase history for details on the specs.

    I'll see if I can find any other info regarding system specs but I'm doubtful.
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