Is I7 7700K good with GTX 1060 6GB?

Is I7 7700K good with GTX 1060 6GB? My RAM is 8 GB and my monitor is 60 HZ
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  1. Yes that would be a very good pairing.

    Perfect match good choice.
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  2. The only way it could get better is with an 8700k. But the 7700k and 1060 6GB is plenty for 1080p 60Hz :)
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  3. EpIckFa1LJoN said:
    The only way it could get better is with an 8700k. 1060 6GB is plenty for 1080p 60Hz :)

    Errr, I have to disagree. A i5 8600k would be better as well.
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  4. Yeah like the other choices are i5-8400 and i5-8600k. I am wondering
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  5. Major_Trouble said:
    EpIckFa1LJoN said:
    The only way it could get better is with an 8700k. 1060 6GB is plenty for 1080p 60Hz :)

    Errr, I have to disagree. A i5 8600k would be better as well.


    Look up some benchmarks. Only in synthetic benches it performs better. For gaming they are on par and not in all cases. Games that only use 4 (or less) cores the 7700k is better. For the most part they perform pretty much the same but the list of games the 7700k performs better is far longer than the list of games the 8600k performs better and then its only by a few fps.

    For gaming the 7700k is second only to the 8700k for the vast majority of games. But the 8600k is not bad either and for cheaper than both of those. Just barely (and I emphasize barely) slower than the 7700k for gaming. Productivity no question the 8600k wins that battle.
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  6. So I should go with the i5 8600k?
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  7. What do you have now?
    You indicate you have ram; is it ddr4?

    7700k is a very good processor and will run a GTX1060 just fine. Or even a GTX1080ti for that matter.

    That said, if you are looking at a motherboard and processor change, I would look at the 8th gen intel options.

    For gaming, 4 threads is usually sufficient and the budget choice might be a I3-8350K for <$200.
    I really think though that the best value for gaming is the 6 core I5-8600K.

    Either processor can OC near the 5.0 level.
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  8. For gaming, 7700k is still second best. 8600k will be better at multitasking, so if you run a lot of programs in the background (stream or watch netflix, youtube or whatever) the 8600k would be slightly better. However if you are willing to buy a 7700k, and you are even looking at 8th gen, you might as well get the 8700k, as it is better in every way than both the 8600k and the 7700k. The 8350k is also a fine CPU and overclocks very well. If you're looking to save a few bucks the 8350k would be the way to go.

    However, as we speak, news is coming out about Intel chips leaking kernel memory to the system causing a massive security concern. If that news turns out to be true they will be rolling out OS updates to "fix" the problem which apparently will slow down CPU's by 5-30%. That might be something to take into account. I'm a bit skeptical though.
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  9. Any of the cpus more than max a GTX1060, all giving nearly identical perfomance. Those thinking an 8700K, 8600K, etc., will 'feel faster' when the GPU is already maxed out at with any cpu faster than an R5-1600 are engaging in wishful thinking. For cpus hypothetically faster than the 7700k, a faster GPU will be needed.
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  10. Yeah that's true at 60Hz. Good point.

    Also only for well optimized games. If you're playing something like PUBG or WoW the difference will be seen though. Also at high refresh rates.
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  11. I did not really understand you @mdd1963. I will need faster CPU than 7700K right?
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  12. Half of what he said is nonsense. He said with anything more than a 7700k you would need a faster GPU, which is nonsense. For games WoW and PUBG you will need a fast CPU, for most other AAA titles a 6700k even is more than capable of delivering the performance. He's saying that because most of the time you will be above 60Hz anyways, you won't really notice a difference between a 7700k and say an 8700k @60Hz. However, with some games, because they are unoptimized you will see the difference in min fps. If you are fine being at 60Hz most of the time but with some drops, you could even get something like a 7100 or 8100 but only in certain games, for the most part you really wouldn't see any difference.

    IDK why he even brought up a GPU. The only reason you would need a more powerful GPU is if you want to play higher settings or higher resolution, not because your CPU is faster.

    For 1080p 60Hz a 7700k and a 1060 6GB will let you play pretty much any game on Ultra settings.

    I only mentioned other CPU's because literally for most games there is only one CPU that gives higher numbers... then some other WRONG person brought up another CPU that actually is only better in some cases, and all this crap started....

    BOTTOM LINE: 7700k and 1060 6GB will be an awesome pair, and you do not really need anything more than that for now.
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  13. Thanks for clear explanation Eplck. The games I am gonna play are Rainbow six siege, Overwatch, CSGO, Rocket League, LOL, hearthstone and maybe pubg or some other multiplayer games. My first choice was i5-8400 but my cousin said to me that i7 is better to get in his opinion. That's why I made a few questions in this forum. So I think I am gonna get 7700k. Thanks for help
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