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I have a ps4 controller for some time now and i have never had this problem but the ps4 controller does this weird thing that its connected to something but doesn't do anything i use inputmapper for my ps4 controller and ds4 is deleted so i don't know what the problem but if i try to play anything with split screen (Like portal 2) It will act like there are 2 controllers (Keyboard doesn't count i have checked) Thanks in advance
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  1. I found what the solution is if you have the same problem
    1:search at the bottom left Game controllers then you'll see setup USB game controller click on it
    2: If you are using input mapper there should be something named Controller XBOX 360 For Windows If you are using ds4 probely wireless controler or something like that If there are 2 controllers and 1 connected that means windows is trying to use the controller
    3: If so press the windows key and r at the same time and type in devmgmt.msc
    4:When you are there go to Human Interface Devices, And there should be 2/3 controllers (i had 2 game controller and 1 system)
    5: Disable one of the HID-complaint game/system controllers and look wich is the right one
    Thats all Good luck!
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