Need to replace cooling for Intel Core i7-3930K

Hi guys,

I have searched the forum and found several old answers, but those products are no longer available.

I built a system based around an Intel Core I7-3930K Processor on an Asus P9X79 board back in 2012. I used the Intel RTS2011LC Liquid Cooling. It failed in Jan 2014 and Intel replaced it under warranty. But now it has failed again (one of the hoses gets very hot, the other stays cold, so seems like a blockage by the radiator, but probably not possible to fix, right??)

So... my question is, what is currently available which would be a good replacement?
Preferably with a separate radiator, like the previous one, so the heat goes straight out of the case.

Thank you,
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  1. I assume you would want something similar to the old one with single fan. If you like light then check out Nzxt Kraken X42, otherwise try Corsair Hydro H90 or other H series. Also Thermaltake Water 3.0 Performace C is an option.
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    The nzxt kraken x62 generally gets the best reviews. However for the reasons you outlined above, I generally prefer air over water. The Noctua nh-d15s will be within a couple of degrees of the best water AIO systems and beats most of them. There is no pump to fail. It is simpler and more reliable without much of a compromise in performance.

    As for your radiator.... I would suspect your pump before I suspected your radiator. You can disassemble your system and do a flow test both directions in your radiator and if there is a blockage that would show it and likely dislodge it. But given that this is a closed system, the odds of that being the cause are pretty remote. While the odds of the pump suddenly dying in these AIO systems is pretty good (common issue).
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  3. Thank you both very much for your answers.
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