Problem powering brand new Kingwin fpx-002 fan controller

Hi all!
I picked up a fan controller yesterday. Did some research on it, and knew going in it rq'ed a 4pin molex for power supply. So I made sure to grab a SATA to 4pin molex adapter cable since the power supply I have is 6-7 yrs old, and young retarded me pitched all the extra cables ( all the molex cables because at the time I had only got a power supply because I needed one to power a gpu I put in a off the shelf Dell, but still using the same one in my custom build). When I have everything connected, the controller isn't even acting like its getting power.

I though maybe since I put the SATA to 4pin molex adapter on the same SATA cable (...only one I have) thats also supplying power to my disc drive, SSD, and HDD that maybe the fan contoller wasn't getting enough power, but even unpluging all the drives and only having the contoller connected theres no difference.

Any ideas or suggestions? Or am I SoL? Thanks in advance if you even read this far, cheers!

Above is a clicky to an image of the male SATA to 2x female 4pin molex adapter cable I got. I checked it and it works, not sure why it only shows the http though.
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  1. If you are getting power through the adaptor you bought (use a volt meter to test) but the controller is not working, then I would probably say it was safe to assume that it may be faulty. The fans do not take very much power at all, so as you saw in your testing, this is not - and honestly never is - the problem. Send it back after testing, if you find you are getting power through the Molex to SATA adaptor cable (eliminate this from being the cause)
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