Multiple Games Not Working

Hello guys - I'm looking for some help with games I have not working.

It seems to be really hit and miss. Some games will work some others will not - which leads me to believe that it is something on my PC and not poor porting(although it might be?).

Currently the games that I have installed that aren't working for me are:

Jade Empire
Tokyo Xandau Ex+
WWE 2k18

A wide range of release dates and kind of games. In the past i've also had problems with Mortal Kombat X, Mass Effect and others.

On the other hand there are several games that do still work, Battlefield 1, Witcher 3, Ghost Recon Wildlands all perform as you would expect. So it's really baffling me.

All of the games that don't work just crash on startup - with a [insert name here] has stopped working error.

Here is a list of things that I have tried so far.

Re-installing all of the games.
Removing and clean installing graphics card drivers.
Restting windows and starting from scratch.
Installing the different direct X versions.
Installing the different VS c++ redistributables.
Using different shortcuts.
Updating my BIOS. (which needed doing anyway in fairness)

Any ideas?

I've attatched a copy of my dxDiag output -

I can attatch a screen shot of the error if this helps too.

Thanks in advance guys!
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