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Hi my name is Lowell and i have some medical complications. I suffer from tourettes syndrome which is a neurological disorder that is disrupting me during gaming. For example i keeps pressing alt f4 and alt enter for no good reasons. i would like to know if theres a way or app that prevents these function during gaming. i have tried autohotkey but my game thinks that it considered a hack and dosen't allow it.. please if anyone could suggest or help me i would be much aprreciated.
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  1. Go into the game and map those keys to do nothing if the game allows you to do that. Aside from that, you can't do much aside from maybe placing something under the keys so you can't press them down. That may end up damaging the keyboard though if the item gets dislodged and starts hitting things as you are hitting the key.
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  2. I have a MadCatz V7 keyboard and it has GAME mode which disables system keys.
    So alt, win key etc. are disabled.
    Have a look at gaming keyboards with this feature buddy.
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  3. That ^ is a great idea, my Corsair keyboard does the same thing, although I do not think it disables Alt and Ctl since they are often used for macro combinations, but there may be software you can set to disable those as well. As long as said software does not trigger a "hacking" flag for the game.
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  4. Thanks guys for your suggestion, will definitely look into that keyboard..
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