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Hi guys, just did a clean install after my harddrive came to an end, but cant find a working version of ai suite. Cant even find a download link on, anyone know what to do? thx
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  1. what OS are you using the download page is located at :
    AI Suite can be found select Windows 7 x64, Windows 8.1 x64 but not for windows 10

    I would install windows 8.1 x64 version : direct download link
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  2. Im am using win 10 haha, not sure what to do
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  3. likely not a problem if designed for 8.1 x64 it should run on windows 10x64 without hiccups
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  4. you may want to quit looking - I used AI Suite 3 on my other rig with an ASUS Z97 board, and it created conflicts in BIOS - plus temp monitor always reported 67C as my max temp - then when i downloaded other monitoring utilities i found i had been rendering video files (some were 1.5- 2 hour jobs, with the CPU's temp bouncing from 98-100C.

    Did some research and found a lot of folks suffering similiar issues - ASUS actually came out with an AI Suite 3 cleaner to use after you un-intall it.

    The complaints about AI Suite 3 go back more than a few years - surprised the hell out of me that ASUS would put out a utility that messed up their own BIOS

    once i un-installed it and cleaned it out of my system, my BIOS settings stopped spontaneously changing. But it was a little shocking to learn ASUS had put out an utility that "wouldn't place nice" with it's own BIOS
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  5. thanks ralph but in this case hes looking at Ai Suit II not 3
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