MSI B75MA-P45: Can't boot with SSD

So I've installed Windows 10 to my SSD via USB. Got activated, drivers sorted, personalised it a bit... All good and dandy.

Went to restart for the sake of hypothetical cleanliness after installing and all... I can't boot with the SSD.

Having read other threads, so as to save time and effort:
- The SATA mode is set to AHCI
- My BIOS doesnt have a Secure Boot option, so I'm led to believe that it isn't the issue, although I'm sure I could be wrong
- I've made sure that the drives are set as the first boot preference
- The boot preference is set to the SSD specifically, although no other drives are plugged in at present anyway
- It's plugged into the first SATA port

Any and all help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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  1. When you install Windows to the SSD, were any other drives (SSD or HDD) attached to the system?
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  2. There was not, COLGeek.
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  3. I have. It's the same result.
    To clarify, it's asking me to "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key_".
    Earlier on I attempted the bootrec and mbr commands as well, no dice.
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  4. You may need to perform a a secure erase and then completely reinstall Windows. The boot record seems to be the issue.

    Is this a new SSD? What make/model is it?
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  5. Just to verify something from your original post. You booted and installed Windows from a USB drive, with the SSD installed in your computer (attached to a SATA or m.2 port) , is that correct?
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  6. A 120GB Sandisk SSD. Afraid I don't know the model, and can't find it on the drive itsel. I can give you the boot name, SanDisk SDSSDA120G, although I'm unsure if that'll help.

    Via SATA, and aye that's correct.

    How would one go about doing a Secure Erase? The link you provided didn't seem to say how to get to the point of peforming one?
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  7. You can purchase for $11 here. Several mods use this product and swear by it.

    Sandisk offers help here as well:
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    Well... I was having a play with variour options, and it turns out that all I needed to do was change...

    Boot Configuration:
    Other PCI device ROM priority

    ... From 'LegacyOpROM' into 'UEFIOpROM'.

    Then I had 'UEFI: Windows Boot Manager' as a boot option thereafter, and I've had that selected since with no issues. Windows 10 is booting fine from the SSD now.

    Edit: I'd select this as the answer... But apparently I can't. Don't know if a mod could do that for me?
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  9. Well done.
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