Difference between standard computer PSU and High end PSU

what is difference between a corsair high end psu's(450w) and a normal computer class psu(say DELL,HP)Psu which can be found in their systems for gaming.

I use a I ball(well knows brand in INDIA) 450w psu to power up my rig of of peak power input 200-220W..please advice

I have also experienced problems like computer starting and shutting off immediately(3 times) and ended up removing and inserting the major power ports(like cpu power,system power,gpu power)in motherboard to make it run..so is this a result of a budget psu or is theie something else wrong..--please advice
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  1. High end PSUs are worth the money. Mainly the difference is that they are built with better components that likely will last longer. I work in a quality department on electronics and there is definitely a difference.
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  2. Corsair has several models of more than adequate quality between $50-$70 with ratings between 500-650 watts....; i see little need in blowing $150-200 on a premium triple Platinum Blah-Blah Super Deluxe 450 watt made by ...well, anyone....

    Any PSU made by Dell will likely have been chosen and used because they could get 1 million of them for $10 each....; each will likely suck if hoping to add a decent GPU later...
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  3. thanks everyone.APRECCIATE THE HELP!!
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