Is this motherboard enough for an i5 8400?

Greetings guys. A local shop in my country has a sale for this motherboard

I can grab it for 100 euros,is it worth it? I only want a user-friendly bios,nothing more. Besides, i cant OC so im not looking for OC capabilities.Will this motherboard satisfy my needs?
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  1. as long as it has the slots/ports you need. any z370 board will work for a non k chip or k chip. plus you can't OC the 8400 so VRM quality won't matter
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  2. It is the most basic and simple Gigabyte motherboard. It has rather basic audio and LAN chips, and no USB 3.1 Gen 2 ports/headers. Also it does not have a DualBIOS featured in most Gigabyte boards (which helps much in case if flashing BIOS fails). But the BIOS itself is user friendly.
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