Shocks to hdd. Any harm? Plz hep

I bought a two new hard drives one wd blue another black. While coming by train it was crowded so some people bumped into my backpack in which the hdd was there. And some pressure also there since it was criwded. Did that cause any harn :-( please help
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  1. Probably no harm was done (unless you dropped your bag with HDDs in it).
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  2. Nah, probably not.
    They are sturdy enough to hold up those light impacts.

    They were inside the backpack and i believe you didn't hammer it or threw the bp on the floor... so a few bumps won't break a thing.
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  3. While the HDDs are powered off vibrations and shocks aren't that harmful.
    Like the others said, as long as they weren't dropped they will be fine.
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