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Hello! i am going crazy over this overheating problem im having, i have cleaned EVERYTHING in my computer and changed fans so here is the problem.
My GPU runs at about 32c when the normal applications are used in the background (Discord steam etc) but as soon as i launch almost ANY game my GPU goes up to 65c+ in literally SECONDS and keep in mind that i have not even started playing yet because i am in the loading screen... i did not have this issue 6 months ago, this is a pretty new thing... and i have not installed any new components either, something i also want to point out is that alot of my normal applications are now all of a sudden way more ''sensitive'' as in crashing much more often and freezing for a few seconds.... if anyone has any suggestions i would be very happy! :)
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  1. 65C is normal temps tho when you are playing games. you can try to control your GPU fans tho by downloading MSI afterbuner or evga precision software. set it to auto load on windows startup. just save your fan profile/settings in them. this will give you some control over your temps
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  2. thank you for your answer but today i found out a very important thing... i was sitting at my computer and looking at my phone with ZERO applications on when suddenly my pc fans starts spinning at an insane rate and then my pc instantly shuts off... please tell me what could have caused this? i really appreciate your help and right now im just so freaking tired of this problem and i can barely play 40 min without a pc shut down :(
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  3. What's your CPU temp while playing? My guess is you have to replace the thermal component if temps are too high. About GPU 65ºC is a normal value.
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  4. hmm i will find a way to monitor them ingame while playing Battlefield 1 on my normal settings, thank you for the help
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