[HELP] choosing better Motherboard! //4690k

Hello everyone, i found great deal on this used 4690k cpu, for around 140euros,
but i need to choose between these two boards:

1:ASRock Z87 Extreme3

2.Gigabite Z87X-UD5H

Gigabyte one has 12+2+2 phase power design for the CPU, where asrock one has 8 power phases.
Does that make gigabyte one better oveclocking motherboard for 4690k?

Thank you!
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  1. ASrock is a very good for budget overclocking.
    12 phases is generally more efficient than 8 but 8 does a bit better with OCing.
    THEOROTICALLY the more power phases the better, but that's only in theory, in reality it's always a different story.
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