Space disappearing in C drive.

Space disappearing from C drive.
So I was trying to install Assassin's Creed Unity complete edition.
I had about 45 Gb of space on my C drive including the games downloaded files which was 24.1 Gb (Highly compressed), so I had enough space to install the game. So to install I had to extract one of the 4 gb compressed files and that became a 24 Gb file and then run the setup. After extracting, I had only 21 Gb left in my C drive so I couldn't install the game. So I deleted the extracted file ( Now C drive is back to 45gb). And I tried to just normally browse the zip folder using WinRAR and click on the setup.exe without actually extracting the entire folder(instead of the instructions). NOW HERE'S WHERE THE REAL PROBLEM STARTS. The setup opens but now my C drive has only 20 Gb remaining (some how opening the setup file while in it's compressed state made this happen ) and the memory is missing even after closing the setup file and rebooting PC. I did run the setup file once more in the compressed state ( not realizing the problem) and lost some more memory space. This is crazy and idk what happened and where the memory went.
PS.: I ran disk clean up and all too.
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  1. Didnt you post this earlier.. Like 3 times... Ive seen this more than a couple times.

    But something you can do is just delete some stuff.
  2. If you installed from a legitimate source you'd be ok. Once you've reinstalled windows to get rid of whatever payload they left behind.
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