Which case to buy?

Greetings guys. Im going to upgrade my pc and im currently looking on cases. Although I have some knowledge,I would like to enlighten me because my budget is tight and I want to explore every option. To begin with my total budget is 500€. My build will consist of:

Mobo: Gigabyte Z370P D3(110€)
CPU: i5 8400(210€)
GPU: rx 480 4gb asus ( I already own)
PSU: corsair cs650w 80+gold (Already own)
Ram:Corsair vengeance lpx 8gb ram 2x4 (100€ )

So as you can see I dont have much money left for a case. I can stretch it out a bit but only if the cases below are bad quality.

1)Corsair carbide 100r for 55€.
The cheapest case of all. Although ugly,if it gets the job done,im more inclined to buy it.

2)Phanteks p300 TG for 65€
The small brother of p400. To be honest,I dont care about watercooling as long as the dust filters, the airflow and cable management are good,I dont mind the less features like the psu shroud and rgb that p400 provide.

3) Aerocool aero 1000 for 70€ .
I have heard pretty good reviews from this case even though aerocool outside of my country it isnt used as much. (Here in greece most people use that case ,on the other side,i couldnt find a review from a reputable channel.

4) Corsair spec 04/Corsair carbide 270r for 75€ .
I Searched those cases on youtube,many are suggesting them.

5)Phanteks p400 TG for 90€ .
The most expensive case,it's highly unlikely that I ll buy this case,except if the above cases are damn bad.

P.S. I will be buying from a local shop.Dont suggest me other links,and I want to build my pc fast because those parts are from a sale. Thanks for reading and for your time
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  1. Any of those are fine, get the one you like the looks of best. Really unless you are planning some huge cooling thing or overclocking or want to run 30 LED fans, any "good" case is fine. I like the Phanteks designs, have one of their cases myself, but really does not matter much here. If that Aerocool 1000 is in white it may look nice with your motherboard with that white design on it. If you are getting a case with a window, you want it to look good enough to have a window for. Maybe look for RAM to match the colors also.
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