Need help fixing slow boot-up from bios (before windows)

HI, I recently installed a second drive (Intel 545S 512GB SSD) to my build which now has my copy of windows 10 installed on with my old drive (Seagate 1tb SSHD) being for storage. Since I have had this new SSD installed the pre-windows boot up takes forever.

here is the rundown from when I power on:

previously to this SSD being installed the bios screen showed up then went straight to windows logo and took a while to boot from there with a short black screen inbetween

my motherboard is an asus rog maximus IX hero
I assume this is related to the issue, with the SSD not being able to properly boot from bios, as when I enter bios and select my boot options, disabling my SSHD and my external HDD from the boot list with the SSD as the only option it automatically forces bios everytime but if i force the SSD as a boot device from bios it skips the second black screen with blinking underscore and just quick boots straight to windows.
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