Can i overclock my r3 1200 on a 450w psu?

I have a cx450m with a 1060 3gb

My build:
I haven't assembled the parts yet but I'm also thinking of getting another stick of ram or ssd.
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    Yes you will be able to overclock the 1200 with that psu.
    What will you be using this system for, I am guessing gaming?

    Some improvements if your budget allows
    -Adding an ssd, if you want fast load times
    -Faster memory, works better with ryzen cpus
    -Gtx 1060 6gb version, if you want to make your system future proof
    -If you will not be upgrading to 16gb ram later on get 2x4gb ram rather than 1x8gb, this way the ram will be running in dual channel, which is faster than having one ram stick

    This would be the ideal version for $900, if budget allows.
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  2. I already have all the parts in a box in my closet. I just have to put it together.
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  3. Ok well good luck
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