R7 360 Fan Durability/GPU Temps Questions

Hello! I've recently bought a ~ 2 year old PC for a pretty good deal. Lately, I've been running into temperature issues with my GPU under full load when gaming. The temperatures at idle are fine though, only sitting at around 40 degrees Celsius. However, under gaming load it jumps up to 85 degrees unless I kick the fans up to around 80-90% on the GPU in which case it'll drop to a stable 75 degrees.

So I'm wondering if I will cause any throttling/durability issues (minor as well as significant) to my GPU by letting it chill at 85 degrees, or if I should kick my fans up which obviously raises concerns about the durability of them (again both minor and major) as well as the noise they produce, although it is much less of an issue and I'm not willing to go out of my way to solve it unless it's extremely convenient and won't cost a dime.

>>>Additional Info<<<
- The GPU fan and heat sink (and basically the PC in general) is clean and the dust build up is negligible.
- My CPU works like a charm. Not temp issues, no throttling, nothing. Runs at an amazing ~ 50 degrees during full load.
- I've tried putting my PC in an open space so that the exhaust isn't right up against the wall, no significant improvement.

>>>PC Specs<<<
CPU: I5 6500
GPU: Gigabyte R7 360 ( Yes crappy for my CPU I know D: )
MOBO: Gigabyte B150M-D3H
RAM: Samsung 2133mhz DDR4 RAM (2x 4GB Sticks)
PSU: Zalman 500W GV
SSD: 120GB Intel SSD (I think it's M.2 as it's a rectangular chip that plugs into the MOBO directly).
CASE: Zalman Neo Z1 ATX Midtower

Again, just wanna know if kicking up the fans would be better than leaving the GPU at 85 for long term or vice versa. Cheers guys.

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  1. Don't worry about fan at full speed, they are made for it. It's much better than overheating GPU.
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