Incompatible Boot Device Error After Failed Overclock

I've googled this to death and can't seem to find a reliable answer. I was attempting to overclock using what I found to be widely acceptable stable voltages for my processor. Blue screened at startup, upped voltage, and tried again before realizing the error was an incompatible boot device error. After a Windows reset all is good. Just curious if this was random corruption or some other error.

Before this error the PC was running fine on the ready made "Game Boost" Bios setting which applies an overclock of 4.8 GHz @ 1.368 V, I was simply trying to lower voltage as I've seen lots of people at 4.8 GHz and 1.2~ V. Initial startup was at 1.245 V (Fail) and increased incrementally from their. It should be noted I had enabled XMP for the first time which I feel was the issue.

I may just go back to the game boost setting and let it have the voltage, temp has never exceeded 65 C even during long gaming sessions.

i7 7700K, MSI Z270 Tomahawk MB, 16GB Gskill 3200 MHz, Booting from an M.2
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  1. XMP just runs your ram at its full potential, makes it use that full 3200MHz. And yeah usually failed overclocks that BSOD kinda break Windows haha
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