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Hey guys.
I have found myself in a wierd spot.
I had been using my pc for gaming without a dedicated graphics card. I enjoy sharing my gameplay a lot more than just playing games so i used relive to record my games. A month ago i bought a used r7 240 and i am satisfied with its performance( i am playing old games and dont care about ultra settings) but relive has never worked. Then a few days ago i found a vce test program and my card does not have vce. This is wierd to me as my integrated r3 gpu did have vce. Now i am wondering if i can install drivers for my igpu and use it for encoding while discrete gpu runs games. Maybe i can enable crossfire,set it to render games on one gpu but then relive might work on igpu. If you guys have any idea to do that please post. Thanks in advance.

Pc specs-:
Athlon 5350 apu with r3 graphics
4gb ram
R7 240 1gb gddr5
Cpu only supports pcie 2.0 ×4 lanes if that matters.
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