i5 3470k vs i7 2600 vs newer cpus?

Hi, so I just sold my fx 6300, mobo and ram{8gb} Ddr3 for 174usd.
Now, I game and want a new cpu. I'm getting a i5 3470 for 198usd with 8gb Ddr3 ram and mobo h61 gigabyte. Also here an i3 6100 with 4gb Ddr4 and mobo costs 215usd.what should I buy for Gamimg? Help quick, thanks
I. Have a 550w vs corsair psu and gtx 1050ti 4gb.
I checked and I can also get a i7 2400 for same price as that i3 and an i5 4440 4gb ram and mobo for 250usd
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  1. 4gb RAM is not enough for gaming so don't get the i3.

    How much ram are you getting with the i7?

    Also where are you buying this from?
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  2. I would get the i7 2600, More threads with last you longer than even an overclocked 3470k. If it only has 4GB of ram, you can always get more ram later on, its so easy to swap out.

    Though if you can't get the 7600, the i5 3470k would be the next bet.
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