Is my power supply enough for Rx 570

Hi I'm going to buy a new graphics card today
Rx570 8gb i just want to know whether my power supply is enough for it here are my specs
Intel i5 first gen
950 GB hard drive
2* 4gb ram
Max load of the power supply is 430 w
My current graphics card is a Gtx 750ti 2gb
Will it be enough for the. Rx570 ?
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  1. THAT depends on the model of the power supply. Two different models of 430w power supply can have grossly different capabilities.

    Short answer is probably, not recommended, since the RX 570 calls for a 500w PSU with one 8 pin connector, and it's unlikely that your 430w unit has an 8 pin connector, but it might.

    What is the model number of your PSU? If you don't know, you can find the model number listed on the specifications decal somewhere on the power supply. One of the sides or the back will be where you'll find it.

    Honestly though, 430w is probably cutting it too close. If it was a VERY good 450w unit that had an 8 pin PCI connector, maybe, but I suspect you'll need to find a good 500-650w unit if you don't want problems.
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