Computer turns off and on

I came from home with my computer with the following specs
8GB DDR4 Ballistix 3200mhz
6GB Gigabyte GTX 1060
Gigabyte Gaming K5 MoBo
1TB Storage
The computer never started up right once I plugged it in. It started into a cycle of on-off-on-off for about 1 second and 3 seconds, respectively.
I took apart my PC and reseated everything and it worked (reseating everything one by one) until I got to plugging in stuff to my USB ports. The computer started that cycle again and the only way I can break it is to hard shutdown by powerstrip or power supply. Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Trés.
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  1. Are you saying it works fine until you plug your front panel USB ports into the motherboard, or until you plug external devices into the rear I/O USB ports?
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  2. darkbreeze said:
    Are you saying it works fine until you plug your front panel USB ports into the motherboard, or until you plug external devices into the rear I/O USB ports?

    The problem occurs when I plug in external devices like mouse, keyboard, etc.
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  3. Yes, but plug them into where, the back or the front USB ports?

    Just on a guess, I'd say you need to double check that the connections coming from the front panel USB connections to the motherboard, are plugged in correctly on the motherboard, and that you do not have anything else on the board plugged into the wrong spots such as power connectors going to fan headers or anything. Probably it's a good idea to pull the whole thing back apart and bench test it.

    Usually when USB shuts down the system there is either a chipset driver problem or something is plugged into the wrong place.

    Since USB functionality is a built in necessary feature, being able to use a USB mouse and keyboard are essential to solving most problems, but basic functionality should already exist. Either there is a problem with one of your USB devices, there is a problem with the motherboard, something is plugged in wrong, you have an extremely low end power supply, there are bent pins on the motherboard CPU socket or something got caught between the motherboard and case when the motherboard was installed and is shorting something out.

    In ANY of these cases, I'd highly suggest that you need to bench test the motherboard to solve the problem.

    Also, and this is incredibly important, what is the model number of your power supply?
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  4. It’s the back ports and the model is a KDM 875 Watt PSU
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  5. The thing is, though, I haven’t messed with this computer at all since it last worked, save the work I did trying to fix it.
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  6. Ok, so let's start from the beginning, and I mean the ACTUAL beginning.

    Was this a prebuilt unit or did you build this yourself?

    I'm assuming it was working at some point. For how long was it working and WHAT exactly happened between the time it WAS and WAS NOT working?

    Did it get moved from one location to another? Any hardware changes? Any infections or new software installed?

    To me, this really seems like it MIGHT be a PSU related problem. KDM 875w is NOT the model number. The model number should be listed on the specifications decal somewhere on the power supply. KDM is a junk brand, so I can tell you from the start that the probability is high that there could be a problem on the 5v rail of that unit or there may be a short in it somewhere or elsewhere.

    Just to be perfectly clear, if you have NO USB devices connected, you can turn the computer on and it will boot into windows or at least boot to the POST screen and tell you that no mouse or keyboard is present, but as soon as you plug a USB device in the system restarts and continues to restart until you cut power to the whole thing. Is that right?
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