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iam using psu frontech model jil2423 600w
i ordered corsair cx 650
but it will come in 10 days
its is okay to continue using frontech model for 10 days
my spec is gigabyte b150m-d3h lga1151
intel core i5 6600k
evga 1060sc single fan
cooler master 102 cpu fan
kingston hyperx fury 8gb *2
wd 1 tb
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  1. Are you using it now, with no current problems? If so, then I'd say yes, but I'd also say to maybe try and minimize the amount you use it between now and then, stay away from heavy, intense gaming sessions that run for extended periods of time and change it out as soon as possible. If you start feeling like you are having PSU related issues, then you probably are and at that point should just discontinue using it until your other one arrives.

    It's not worth risking your hardware over. The CX units are all that great either, but they're miles better than any Frontech unit without any doubt.
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  2. Actually, I take that back. It seems that your Frontech unit does not even have 6 pin PCI connectors, so I doubt you even CAN use it with that graphics card because it looks to me like all of the EVGA SC single fan cards still require at least one six pin PCI supplemental power cable.
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  3. I am using it now and has 6pci pin connecter
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  4. Ok, well then as I said it's probably ok for now but replace it as soon as the other one arrives. I would use it as little as you can get away with until then. It's probably ok, but you don't want to push it.
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