Which of these is better for gaming? Pentium g4400 8gb ram or pentium g4560 4gb of ram?

For 720p gaming medium settings should I get a pentium g4560 with 4gb of ddr4 2133mhz and a gt 1030 OR a pentium g4400 8gb ddr4 2400mhz with a gt 1030?

I just finished my first build for gaming and after a long time I finally convinced my friends to join me in pc gaming. They dont know much about computers so I am doing the buying for them. The plan is to buy a build pc without a graphics card or windows drivers and then add all of that (gt 1030). We plan on playing saint row 4, gtav, pubg, CS GO and one them them wants to play the newest assassin's creed. They don't care much about graphics just fps.
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  1. wont run on that video card. Run 8gig of ram more is better. Look for a 1050gtx or equivilent of Amd rx560 serie card & you be able to run those games. I would recomend try find an i3 if possible handle games like pubg a lot better.
  2. Why wont it run on that graphics card? The gt 1030 is able to run the most modern games at 720p high settings together with a pentium g4560. You are saying that with either option I wont be able to play those games?
  3. My suggestion is to buy the g4560 (or the g4600, if you find it cheaper) with 8gb of ram. I have the g4560 and I am very excited with it. It is more powerful than g4400. About the gpu, I have the gtx 1050 ti, which is beast for its price. I don't now much about gt 1030 ,but you can see videos on youtube playing games with it and if you like what you see buy it. If you are ok with amd you can try radeon rx550 or rx560 which are pretty much the same as gtx 1050 on performance. But remember , the rx550 is twice better than gt 1030 and it is about the same price.
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    those pentiums are equally shitty so go for,the 8gb build. Btw unless you are cheaping too much on the psu (which yous shouldnt even if its a low end system) i would recommend going for used graphics cards. You can get a 670 for the 1030 money and,it will outperform it in any situation.
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