Having trouble finding an opening to oil a Cooler Master CM12V Fan

As described above I couldn't find a thing. The fan is tough to spin and needs oiling, this fan is a rifle bearing and there is no rubber cover. At this point its either just me or it would be straight up plastic covering it. Not sure what I'm doing please help in anyway. Thanks.

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    If your fans are not designed like what you see in the linked tutorial, then they are a fully sealed unit and cannot be oiled.
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  2. I was correct about where the opening of the bearing was. Instead of have the rubber top over the bearing like most do from the tutorials and videos I looked over, this one had a plastic cover over it.

    I used an X-Acto knife, flathead, and a hammer to pry it open. I was extremely cautious and careful while doing this and a better tool from a video I watched did recommend a thumb drill. Which of course I did not have at this time. I hope I helped everyone as well if they were curious have a good day!
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  3. I would make every effort to glue the plastic piece back on (While also keeping any glue OUT of the hole) as well as the sticker that was over it. These help keep dirt and moisture out and oil in, so that it will last longer. At the VERY least I'd glue the sticker back on. 3M spray adhesive or a little bit of super glue should be fine. Glad you got it sorted out. Good luck.
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