Can I have two different operating systems on two different hard drives on the same computer?

Can I have two different operating systems on two different hard drives on the same computer? I have a SATA hard drive with windows 10 on it. I want a USB hard drive with Kali Linux on it. I want them both on the same computer. Will this work? Please answer the question other than giving me other suggestions.
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  1. Well I'll answer your question and resist from providing you with "other suggestions". I did have a number of different "suggestions" in mind, but since you're apparently adamant in not desiring "other suggestions" I'll refrain from doing so.

    The answer to your question is Yes.
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  2. no problem. my pc has win 7, win 10, mac os, remix os and unbuntu. so yah multiple OS's is easily done :)

    some are on different drives, others are on different partitions of the same physical drive. it all works the same
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  3. Yes, it's called dual-boot
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  4. "...The answer to your question is Yes..." ArtPog; OP would have to have a mult-boot, correct?
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  5. really depends. since he wants to run linux off a usb, then it won't really need a true dual boot menu. boot order is good enough. set the usb drive as first in boot order. then if it is there, it will boot to linux first. if the usb is not there, then it will move to second on the list which is the hdd and it boots to windows.

    if it was all on hdd's then yes a multi-boot menu is desired (though not 100% needed) so you can chose as you go. if each OS is on a separate drive, then calling up the boot menu at start-up can be used to select between Os's as well.

    so dual boot menu is useful, it is not mandatory really. running mac os as a hackintosh is the exception. boot camp is needed to run windows as well as mac os on the same pc as mac os forces itself in the front the way it has to be installed.
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  6. What Math Geek is best, in my opinion. Since your booting off a USB device, just install Linux on the USB drive as desired. In your bios you can set your boot order to choose USB first and easy peasy! :)
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  7. If your booting from the same disk and Linux variants are involved, it is a good idea to have your HDD partitioned to MBR instead of GPT.
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