SSD super slow in windows 10 setup

I recently put a new motherboard in my computer dragging my old parts over to a new chasis with it. I put in my SSD into my new computer, now my SSD is super laggy and slow. like it takes 15 minutes to load up windows 10 installation. Any idea why?
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  1. Did you reinstall windows after change of motherboard?
    If you didn't do that, then such behavior is expected.
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  2. first of all, always do a fresh install of windows when changing motherboards. meaning attach your SSD to your new mobo. and use a USB/DVD windows installer from boot. delete all partitions. format. continue with the install. if you wanna know how to transfer your license, let us know and we can show you.

    most likely your motherboard is delaying your boot time. some hardware maybe be slow to POST. you can also tweak the boot time settings in your BIOS. like enabling fast boot. setting the BIOS logo delay to zero. this may be overwhelming for a regular user. but you can do the following to analyze your boot timings.

    you will need to download the Windows assessment tool.

    then follow the simple tutorial here to view your boot timings.

    you can also share the ETL file generated after your boot so we can analyze it for you. or just a simple screenshot will do also.
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