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I asked this question yesterday and we kinda determined it was a power issue. I've replaced the power supply with a EVGA 750GQ series (I also tried a EVGA 500G series, and Ultra 650 watt). The previous power supply was a Corsair CX 550-M. When gaming under Directx ONLY the system will randomly shut down. I ran Furmark OpenGL stress test and it had no issue. I ran Prime95 stress test. No issue. Aida64 stress test, no issue. Temps of cpu and gpu are normal, motherboard temp is normal. Memtest86 reported no memory issues. The 12, 3 and 5v rails on the Corsair nor the EVGA drop by any significant amounts. I played Wolfenstein the New Colossus (Vulkan) all the way through, no shutdown even once (with the old corsair power supply). Firestrike shuts the computer off, Heaven benchmark under DX9 and DX11 shuts the power off between 6seconds to 1 min, FarCry3 and 4 shut the pc off randomly. Nier Automata used to shut it off when I played at 2560x1080, but when I switch to medium settings at 1600x1050 it plays fine. I've tried 3 different cards (Radeon 5850, and PNY1050ti, and then I exchanged my first PNY and got a new one 2 days ago and it STILL does it).

System: Ryzen 1700 (non oc), 16gb Geil EVO-X RGB AMD Edition 2400mhz, 128gb Toshiba NVME, ID-Cooling 120 RGB water cooling, Asrock AB350 Gaming-ITX/ac motherboard, PNY1050ti XLR8 (2 days old now, new). EVGA power supply. Inwin301 case.

This issue happens with Win10 Pro or Win 7 Pro. Both fully updated with all updates and patches. Event viewer simply states the pc has shutdown unexpectedly. No dump file available.
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  1. Me too facing somewhat similar issue. Here is my thread,

    Have you seen any msg like GPU removed or something?
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  2. I get no error. I'm currently uploading a youtube video that I'll link to this thread that shows exactly what's happening.
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