Really odd problem (s)?


Soo my computer just stopped working a month ago.

Basically we confirmed it was the processor wich had cooked itself. It would overheat and tell me 'no signal' on my monitor. We bought a new one and replaced it expecting that to work. Now that was a bit of the problem. I did need a new processor because it was cooked but it still told me it had no signal.

So we decided to use my mothers comouter figuring it ny mother bored and just putting my parts in hers would be fine since we had checked power supply and graphics card wich both worked.

Well we put everything in (along w some new paste) and its doing the same thing.

We are confused at this point but decide to put her things back in and call it a day.

Well it's still doing it.

Does anyone have any idea what this could be. My mom is going to salughter me. Ill post pics if needed.

I also didnt know what bored to put this on.
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  1. We took off some thermal paste (last ditch effort) and it works again?????

    I am confused. We didnt put in a ton lol just was t recommended?
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