"No signal" after POST, Startup and Safe mode

This isn't a GPU issue though

15 seconds after the computer starts, it always "idles". Fans run, mobo's lights are on, GPU fans run, but... "no signal" and no HDD noise.

Windows 7 loads fine though, on normal start up. I started chasing the GPU issue before I realized I heard it do this after loading my desktop and the HDD activity also stopped dead. Then I realized I wasn't just dealing with a GPU issue.

This happens in Safe Mode. This happens in normal startup. This happens in the BIOS. Hell, this just happens if I let the PC stand there at the POST. That rules out any driver or OS issue.

I popped out the CMOS battery and reinstalled it and the BIOS setup screen detected the new defaults like it should. Then.... dead screen again. Not a BIOS config issue.

I double checked and reseated all of the power cables.

I removed each RAM module and still had this issue, though I didn't receive a normal beep code either and the DIMM light did light up on me at one point.

So here is the background any my specs:

AMD FX 8350 Black Edition 8 core, 4GHz
ASUS M5A99FX PRO R2.0 motherboard
20 Gig RAM - 2x8 and 1x4 DIMMs
500 watt PSU (Which has worked fine for powering everything in the case)

My water pump crapped out on my cooler and CPU started to overheat. It took a few tries before I realized that was the issue, as I watched my CPU core temp rise to the 80+ degree mark before shutting itself down at 90.

In the process of getting the cooler off, I removed the CPU to wipe the excess paste off. Before realizing it was overheating, i also pulled the RAM out to test each stick and they all passed at that point... short of the computer spontaneously shutting down due to overheating.

I now have a Hyper 212 EVO heatsink/Fan, and in the 15 seconds of BIOS I can see, the temperatures seem much better. There's even 1 less PC fan to power now, with this heatsink. But now... I'm at my wit's end :(

Of the 2-3 components I have left to test, i can't test any of them. I lack another computer compatible with the CPU or GPU. I also lack any additional CPU/GPUs I can plug into this motherboard.

I'm at a total dead-end with what I can possibly try at this point, short of scrapping it all and replacing every single piece.

Any advice???

(I also realize that a CPU or motherboard issue is most likely, due to the overheating, but have never seen either of those cause this specific issue of just... nothingness without a slew of other errors, beeps, shutdowns and problems.)
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