Windows (7 & 10) won't see NAS "Shared Folders", but any Android or Linux systems will!

I have a Toshiba Canvio "Home" NAS (Ethernet) connected to my Linksys WiFi Router. I recently had to do a "reset" of the Toshiba Canvio Home NAS and manually re-establish the passworded "Share Folders" with the appropriate users on our Network. The Canvio comes (and after a reset) with only a factory set "Public" shared folder which contains "sub-folders" (Music, Video, etc).
I had to do the private Share Folders manually because the tards at Toshiba pulled down the software you're supposed download to set up the Canvio Home NAS. If you call Toshiba they can't explain why the software was pulled or that it'll ever be put back up! (NEVER buy anything from Toshiba, people!).

Now here is the problem - NONE of our Windows OS computers will see any of the "passworded" Shares I made, they don't show up on "Network" in Windows even to ask for User / Password. ONLY the Public folder shows up as a Hard Drive link given a Drive letter as "Public (\\ (Z)

However, ANY of our Android OS or Linux based OS devices (Tablets, Smart Phones, etc) WILL see the created Share Folder and ask for the User name and Password. This is how I know I set up the Share Folder and User Accounts correctly (I was in IT ages ago) They are designated on these devices as - SMB://canvionas/ (then folder name) which is the device name default from Toshiba.

Sometimes Windows (mostly Win 7) reports an error note (DNS Server may not be running) when I try to force seeing the Share folders. But this isn't a Cloud service NAS use, this is on our internal network. Seems to me a DNS server has nothing to do with Windows not seeing a NAS on the network.

I would greatly appreciate any help from the experts on the Forum, I am at a complete loss why this is doing this
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