Is it safe to overclock ryzen but with a VX500W PSU

So I want to buy a ryzen build next year and I have a low budget and I plan to use an Aerocool VX500W with the builld. Will it not overheat and should I upgrade my psu??
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  1. I can say for certain on THAT specific unit, because there are no reviews from any legitimate review sites on it, but given the quality and the typical results on MOST Aerocool power supplies that have been reviewed or just from general exposure to them through the years, my recommendation would be that you should plan to get a better power supply even if you don't overclock, and especially if you do. Aerocool has been known to have a few PSU models that were firestarters and while they've improved their reputation somewhat since then, without a provable review saying that one of their specific units was good, there is no way that I would trust one of them.
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