Using an M key adapter for M+B key M.2 NGFF

Dear, I recently purchased this adapter
While waiting for the adapter to arrive, I realized that my M.2 is Sata NGFF.
Will these 2 work with my motherboard? If not, can you please explain me why?
The reason I bought the adapter is I used a 2242 NGFF before. While there is no 2242 NVME exists, this adapter still supports 2242 m.2.
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  1. What motherboard?

    It depends on how you are trying to use it. Many older computers won't be able to boot off of a PCIe SSD, but will be able to access it in Windows. If it isn't the primary drive chances are pretty good.

    If you want to use it as a boot drive, well, honestly you should consider returning it for a 2.5" SATA drive. Performance will basically be the same and you will be able to boot from it even with very old SATA capable systems.

    I suppose then you are re-using an old drive. NGFF is just a term for New Generation Form Factor. Before the NVMe protocol there were SSDs in mSATA which were larger, NGFF was just to help with space inside of the laptops. They were still SATA based.
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  2. You're right, it is an old motherboard, Z77, but it won't be a problem because I can mod the BIOS. My question is, can this adapter be used for SATA M.2?
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  3. No, it does not, right there written on the back in the last picture. It is for PCIe (NVMe) drives only.

    You want something like this:

    That lets you plug the card in (and get power), but then uses a standard SATA cable to get the data through.

    Or this kind which is more direct:
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  4. Dank, so to use SATA M.2, I still need sata controller.
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  5. Depends on the product you are looking at, but that is a cheap and effective way. Basically they are just providing a mounting point, your motherboard is acting as the controller. The more expensive way is to provide a PCIe SATA controller chip on the board, which will mean drivers, and possibly being unable to boot from it.
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