Seagate light normal, not recognized by Acer Laptop. Many years no trouble.

I have a Seagate external HD connected to an Acer laptop. Has worked perfectly for many years including now "deceased" Lenova tower. When I click Windows E, normally my Kingston thumbdrive and Seagate appear so I can do a multiple save of my author manuscripts. This is the first time in many years that Seagate is lit, but does not show up on my Acer Windows explorer as H. I have removed and reinserted plugs checking. Why is it not recognized and never before had trouble? My knees rattle. In attempt to save Laptop space, most of my archives are on the massive Seagate. It is lit steadily without noise or blinking.
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  1. Test the drive with another computer, test it with another cable. Are you just looking for it as the H drive? Could it just have been assigned another drive letter? Does it show up in Disk Manager and the partition is good? You may need to assign it a drive letter to see it.
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