Computer boot but not signal to monitor?? help?


My old motherboard msi 870-g46 got damaged, a transistor explode/short out near the cpu area I saw sparks and it wouldnt give monitor signa then it wouldnt boot at all. I replaced my old motherboard with a new motherboard gigabyte 970a ds3p. With my new motherboard my computer boot but not signal to monitor either. I´m not sure what is wrong.

Motherboard - gigabyte 970a ds3p
CPU - AMD Athlon 4X 630 2.8 GHz
RAM - 4 sticks, 1x Avant 4 GB and 3x Hynyx 2 GB, DDR3
PSU - EVGA Bronze 700W

I have another GPU I tried it already wtih my new motherboard as well, not signal. I tried my monitor with another computer and works just fine. My psu is like 6 months old. I didnt install my dvd drive after replacing my mobo, I dont think thats a problem?

I´m not sure If my CPU is dead because a transistor explode near and damaged my old motherboard, also im thinking maybe my memory ram isnt compatible with my new motherboard? my ram sticks are a bit old DDR3.

I have tried everything that I have read in forums, unplug and hold power button for 1 minute, I tried rams stick by stick. I´m not sure what to do now.

I hope I can get some help, thanks.
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  1. anyone please!?
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