problems with the CPU fan/ screen

This is my first time posting on the website, so I'm sorry if this isn't the right categories.

Lately, I've been having some issue with my cpu fan and the monitor. My monitor will suddenly go black and then immediately the CPU fan will spin full blast at 100%. My PC will be unresponsive and If i leave it there, the CPU fan will just continue to spin at 100%. I'll have to do a hard shut down manually by holding the power button. But when I turn it back on, it doesn't seem to have any issue and run normally. It's definitely not the CPU that is overheating because this problem has occurred a few times just minutes after I turn it on.

Anyone know or have had this kind of issue? I've had this pc for half a year now. Do you guys think it's my motherboard that is dying?


Intel core i5 7600k
16 gb RAM corsair 2400
Gigabyte Z270 HD3 motherboard
Cryorig H7 CPU cooler
256 Adata sx8000 ssd
1tb WD hard drive
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  1. More likely GPU problem or PSU problem. But if happens when not playing, much more likely GPU issue.
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  2. DRagor said:
    More likely GPU problem or PSU problem. But if happens when not playing, much more likely GPU issue.

    Do you know a way for me to troubleshoot this, and know for sure that is my graphic's card that is faulty here? And yes, this usually happens when I'm not using programs or games that requires my GPU.
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    First thing is to rule out bad motherboard slot. Your motherboard has three x16 slots, put the card in the middle one and check if problem persists. If it does, remove GPU altogether and use integrated graphic. If that solves the problem, that means motherboard is fine.
    Next steps are harder, as they require access to another machine/spare parts. To rule out PSU problem, you need to use different PSU in your machine. If problem persist, all points out to GPU, and the final test to confirm that would be to install your GPU in another machine. If it fails there too in same way, it is a confirmation of faulty GPU.
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  4. *update*

    Turns out, for some reason my PC isn't supporting the new Nvidia driver, so I reinstalled an older one and it seems to have fixed my problem!
    If anyone encounters this problem in the future and it's not the driver's problem, maybe read about what DRagor explained previously.
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